The Many is an uncommon, intentionally diverse collective making music for people to sing together about peace and justice and a world where all belong.


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What we do

Drawing on indie pop and gospel influences, The Many makes music to help give voice to faith and doubt, questions and fears, laments and longings, music that speaks to a non-violent God, a Jesus who is with us and for us, and to a Spirit that can't be easily defined or controlled.  

It's music for a movement of resistance to hatred and division, for reconciliation and restoration, and music that always reminds us "we are on this earth to love." 

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Who we are

The lead singers in The Many - Darren Calhoun, Leslie Michelle and Hannah Rand - came together around their shared love of music and commitment to honest expressions of faith, peace-making, economic and racial justice and LGBTQ+ inclusion. 

The Many are equally at home at a house concert, festival, conference or a faith-and-justice-grounded gathering of any kind. They do more than simply concerts...they create experiences in which they weave together music, words, images and liturgy into an engaging, participatory, transformational event.  


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Darren Calhoun

Darren is an Associate Fellow for Racial Justice with Evangelicals for Social Action and the worship leader at Chicago's Urban Village Church, South Loop, as well as for conferences like The Gay Christian Network and The Reformation Project. He's also a speaker and workshop leader, blogger and activist.

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Hannah Rand

Hannah Rand, an award-winning singer/songwriter, and a recent graduate of the songwriting program at Belmont University, has been writing and performing songs that cry out for a world free from racism, exclusion and injustice since she was 13. She writes most of the music for The Many, and writes music for her solo career as well.

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Leslie Michele

Leslie, a classically trained musician steeped in music that has grown out of the Black American experience, has performed all over the world, and is dedicated  to making music and taking action that brings change and transforms society for the better. She also leads worship at Urban Village Church, Hyde Park, Chicago.